THE top 5 items you need for this years summer holiday!

So you’ve booked the holiday (if you’re reading this and you haven’t, we’ve got you covered here – but what items do you need to keep you properly packed, looking chic and stress-free this summer? Here are our favourites…

#1 Knock Knock Pack This notepad

Not everyone can pack like a pro (we have some handy hints and tips here if you need extra help) but the Knock Knock Pack This Notepad is perfect for the globetrotter. The notepad helps to ensure you have packed everything you need for your destination. From bare essentials to important documents, you can tick things off as you fill your suitcase!

#2 PulsePak Emergency Charger

There’s nothing worse than whizzing around with your last minute items, travelling and arriving at the airport to find your phone/tablet is nearly out of charge. Let’s face it, when you finally find a charging port within the Terminal it’s usually in an obscure, prohibited, or uncomfortable place. This is where the PulsePak Emergency Charger comes in special handy, perfect for families wanting to ride out any additional delays in the airport by keeping the kids entertained with full access to their apps, or for travellers wanting to keep in touch with their loved ones the handy charger fits onto a keyring and provides up to 2 hours extra charge.

#3 Cabin Max Travel Kit

When you have finally made it to the plane with only your destination in sight you’ll need to be well rested and refreshed ready for sightseeing or sunbathing. The Cabin Max Travel Kit is a perfect partner for your journey and includes the following items in a compact case:

  • Inflatable neck pillow
  • Eye mask
  • Earplugs.
  • Massage socks ( to keep your feet warm and comfortable on the flight)
  • Toothbrush (because we have all forgotten to pack one at some point!)
  • Pen, handy for competing crosswords/puzzles or quizzes in your onboard magazine

#4 TanSafe Compact Stealth safe

The age-old dilemma of where you hide your valuables on the beach whilst you frolic in the clear blue sea has pained the masses over many a holiday. What are the options? hide everything under your towel and hope for the best, draw straws to see who gets left behind manning the bags/towels? The dilemma is over the TanSafe stealth safe looks like an ordinary bottle of sun lotion but is in fact a compact beach safe. This valuable beach protection is large enough to conceal iPhones (Even those hefty plus’) and is set to become an essential travelling companion for canny sunbathers everywhere.

#5 Selfie Stick

Whether you’re putting up amazing snaps onto your Instagram, or just wanting some snaps for the family album, a selfie stick is an essential item to pack for your next holiday. Gone are the days of trying to communicate with hand gestures to a local asking them to take a picture of you and your family near a point of interest.  What’s more? They are readily available at most supermarkets/online and very reasonably priced!

What items do you like taking on holiday, or think should be included in our article? Comment in the box below and let us know!

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