A Trip to Iceland

The trip was really good and I would recommend Iceland to anyone who wants something different and very picturesque. It was obviously very cold in November – lowest we had was minus 16 and it can be very wet – but it can also be glorious sunshine with fantastic sunrises and sunsets. You need to go prepared for very quick changes in weather conditions and have sturdy walking boots/shoes and waterproof clothing.

Exodus were good and our guide /driver was excellent and certainly helped ‘make’ the trip. Local knowledge and good driving in lots of snow and ice was much appreciated. Thank goodness for studded tyres!

The group size was 16 comprising of 4 couples and 8 singles and we were probably the oldest but that was fine.

Hotels were as the brochure said around 3 star or guest houses in the main – very clean and welcoming. Food was good with lots of variety.

On the particular trip, we would recommend booking two extra days in Rekjavik at the start before joining the group to ensure you visit Rekjavik’s highlights as its a lovely city. 


Lynda Bateman