I’ve worked in travel since 1993 and at Destina Travel since March 2008. Working for an independent travel company gives a much wider product range, the flexibility of tailor-made itineraries, and the freedom to use your own initiative – which means I don’t have to compromise when creating holidays.

Whether it’s a short city break, a romantic honeymoon or a once in a lifetime trip around the world, every holiday is a pleasure and privilege to plan and organise. Nothing is too much trouble when it comes to ensuring my clients enjoy their ultimate holiday, and I love making the seemingly impossible, possible!

Countries Visited:

Australia, St Lucia, Mauritius, USA, Greece, Spain and her Islands, Turkey, France and, closer to home, The Channel Islands.

Favourite Destination:

Sydney, Australia. The first time I saw the Sydney Opera House I was crossing from Manly Beach to The Rocks. It took my breath away.

Three destinations still on my bucket list:

Japan for its incredible history and culture. The bright lights of Tokyo are a thrilling experience, and the impossibly pretty city of Kyoto is ‘old Japan’ at its best.

The Okavango Delta in Botswana for wildlife. It is home to some of the world’s most endangered species including the cheetah, white rhino, black rhino, African wild dogs and lions.

Egypt for its mysterious monuments. Combining a Nile cruise with the Valley of the Kings, the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids with a few nights in a hotel is the ultimate Egyptian adventure.

Top Travel Tip:

Start a new memory card with a selfie. Should you lose your camera or phone, it’s an easy way to prove ownership – especially if a language barrier makes communication more difficult.