Olivia’s Icelandic Adventure – 5 of the best excursions in Iceland.

Olivia, one of the Business Travel Consultants from our corporate travel agency Good Travel Management, was lucky to have the opportunity to go to Iceland on an educational trip. With many activities and adventures lined up for her 4 days stay in Reykjavik, we thought it would be good to share her experience along with 5 of the best excursions to undertake in Iceland.

Olivia stayed in the Icelandair Marina hotel, part of a hotel chain sponsored by Airline – Icelandair. The hotel is in a great location, borderline to the town centre with restaurants dotted all around the hotel and shops within walking distance. It is said that a variety of celebrities have stayed in this hotel including Justin Bieber! We can definitely see why as the hotel was cosy and made you feel right at home. She had a comfortable bedroom of perfect sizing with plenty of extra amenities at her disposal;  a small gym, meeting rooms and a cinema room.

#1 Blue Lagoon –  45-minute transfer

The blue lagoon was Olivia’s first hot springs experience, it was so relaxing and looked exactly like it did in pictures. There’s a bar, complete with a facial mask shop in the lagoon itself which is really creative. One concern Olivia had was arriving and it being too busy, but although it was a popular attraction, it was spacious and bigger than you’d expect. You’re given a towel and a locker and but depending on the package bought you could be entitled to more.

#2 Northern Lights –  1 hour 30 minutes transfer

This excursion is one not to miss! The Northern Lights have always been a popular attraction with them being so rare (seeing the northern lights is never guaranteed as the conditions have to be perfect) Categorised as one of the 7 wonders of the world, this tour was with the Reykjavik excursions via a coach where the crowds to congregate to see the splendour. When they appeared, Olivia said she was speechless at how powerful the colours were and how they danced around, coming and going they were the best thing she has ever seen and would highly recommend.

Top Tip – When wanting to take pictures, either  1. Take pictures with a professional camera or 2. Download the northern lights camera app as a phone’s camera does not pick them up.

#3 Snowmobiling – 1-hour transfer

The excursion Olivia did was with the Mountaineers of Iceland, who advised to dress accordingly as you will be travelling to the second biggest glacier in Iceland where the temperature drops as soon you get to a higher altitude. In preparation at the site, you do get given a helmet and a snowsuit with other cosy items to stay warm.

Before taking this excursion, ensure you have a full driving license with you to be able to drive the snowmobile, for younger participants they would need to travel with a guardian or instructor. This excursion is adventurous and allows all participants to learn something new. A must see for all as it is rare you’re going to be driving a snowmobile in these conditions.

#4 Lava Tunnel – 45-minute transfer

The tour was booked via Reykjavik Excursions and is another one to tick off your list of things to see and do in Iceland.

Iceland has been known for its volcanoes and lava fields but most importantly that great ash cloud caused by mount Hekla which you indeed can drive past. Most of the volcanoes are inactive or are being studied for activity. However, with Icelandic lava fields come lava tunnels, and this informative tour helps you learn about the history of Iceland’s volcanoes, including how the lava tunnels were formed. The lava tunnel tour comes in two packages; a standard tour which cuts of at a certain point of the tunnel and the second tour is more extreme, involving a lot of climbing and going deeper into the tunnel.

#5 Golden Circle – 30-minute transfer

A fantastic place to take Instagram worthy pictures of Iceland’s natural environment. This scenic tour is made up of several stops. A grand national park made up of waterfalls, lakes, historical background and mini volcanoes await you. The real stars of the show and the highlight of this tour is most definitely the waterfall Gullfoss and the mini volcanoes. Gullfoss was the first waterfall Olivia had ever seen, and it blew her away.

Insider Tip – Wait to see the mini volcanoes erupt (only water) but are a fun waiting game all the same!

There are a variety of tour operators and excursions to choose from in Iceland, here at Destina, we can let you know what’s on offer, providing recommendations of our favourites.

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